As a result of efforts during the last ten years, the 4th Industrial Revolution has had a great impact on the entire world. Today, this phenomenon stands before us as one of hte most important steps in the industrialization process. What will this progress affect? With the support of informatics technology present day traditional forms of production will be developed. In addition to this, all partners in technology and values will be integrated into the system. The development of intelligent factories, which are widespread in industrialized countries, has made a significant contribuiton to this process, which is based on Cyber-Physical systems, as well as on the internet concept of objects and services.


The term 4th Industrial Revolution was first used in the large industrial show in Hannover in 2011. From that day on Germany took the first step to be a leader in actions that would confirm its prime position in a future digital world. However, Turkey, which has had a small share in advanced technology production and export, has carried out some projects and activities under the heading of National Advanced Technology Push. While raising a new generation it is necessary to pay more attention to this matter.



Today, one of the subjects that forms an example of such activities is that basic robotics and coding lessons are given in nursery schools, primary schools, and secondary schools. As a result, for Turkey to reach the level of industrialized countries, it is necessary to bring this form of education to an advanced level. In this context, Turkish Industrial Support and Management Institute (TÜSSİDE), which is part of TÜBİTAK, and İrfan Schools have established a partnership to start the Advanced Technology Colleges/Education Centers. This project will serve advanced level education that will be carried out with national and local support for robots to be used in a number of areas ranging from industry to the health sector. Due to this, the transformation of Turkey that will carry it to the highest levels of advanced technology with high added value, is in keeping with the 2023 goals. The estimated 100 billion dollar value of the robotic market in the world projected for the years 2018-2020 should be kept in mind.



The definition of the conceptual framework for the contents of the project that has begun with the TÜSSİDE and İrfan School cooperation, the creation of the analysis of the educational needs, the training of the instructors and the thematic curriculum and its contents of the program are all part of this undertaking. In addition, the measurement of the education program, its evaluation and its systematic development are all within this project. If we examine the place were this education understanding is today, in the project there is planning for not only compulsory lessons, but the creativity and free thought of the student, the critical perspective, the esthetic and artistic aspects need to be developed in; there is also a concern for developing leadership skills focused on development and entrepreneurship.