Irfan Schools first opened in 1998; the school at this time was housed in the Atakent Campus, in Ümraniye, Istanbul. Today there are six campuses in Istanbul. In the Atakent and Madenler campuses, both in the Ümraniye region of Istanbul, Irfan offers nursery, primary and middle school education. The Pendik Campus offers nursery and primary education. The Güngören Campus provides nursery, primary and middle school education, while the Şerifali Karçiçeği School in Ümraniye offers nursery education, and is planning to expand to primary education in 2018-2019 academic year. Finally, the Üsküdar campus provides secondary (high school) education.


The mission of Irfan is to educate an “Irfan” (wise) generation that is imbued with Islamic values and embraces modernity to lead the way to creating a better world.



In keeping with our parent foundation, İlim Yayma Foundation, our vision is to form a group of “schools that contribute values to the education, science, culture and art activities in Turkey.”


The main philosophy that lies behind Irfan Educational Institutions is that the values education which the students receive alongside top quality academic social and cultural education will

► Lead them to constantly search within themselves for innovation and development,
► To instill self confidence and a strong will in the children,
► To understand, speak and use Turkish accurately ,
► To learn to speak, understand and write English and Arabic well,
► To enable them to attain knowledge, produce and use technology correctly,
► To encourage them in critical-analytical thought and to be able to understand the past in order to better shape the future,
► To be examples and leaders to their peers,
► • To be a useful member of their immediate families and to society as a whole,
► • To raise members of society who are devout and positive, contributing members of society,


► Every student is unique,
► Every student is encouraged to be successful and to develop their innate skills,
► Empathy and understanding are of utmost importance in education,
► The education of the family is as important as the education of the student,
► All communication between students, parents and teacher is transparent and carried out with respect and trust,
► Full information and participation is important in all decision-making processes,
► Sürekli yenilenme ve gelişme odaklı çalışırız.
► Continual innovation and development is the main focus of Irfan Educational Institutes,
► The process rather than the result is the main focus of Irfan Educational Institutes,
► Effective and productive use of resources is important,
► Every action and function carried out by Irfan Educational Institutions is based on employment and children rights as well as legal and ethical rules,